YELANGU B300 Three-axis Shock-absorbing Arm Vest Stabilizing Camera Support System Easy Rig for DSLR & DV Digital Video Cameras (Black)



1. Easy Rig for professional film and television shooting.
2. It is Flexible and comfortable to operate, also convenient and safe. You can reduce the shoulder to bear most of the power, this power shared equally in the back and waist.
3. Reducing the shoulder muscle strain because of the long time shooting.
4. It is the best partner for most of professional movie photographer. At the same time, it can change the impact of the photographer during shooting in an interview with the crowd, and the ship or the car shake.
5. The design is high technology and reasonable.
6. Flexible extension, the use of a special highly elastic nylon belt extending waist or knee, and it can be good to adjust the height of the auxiliary shooting flexibility.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 5.54kgs / 12.21lb
Qty per Carton 2
Carton Weight 12.00kgs / 26.46lb
Carton Size 52cm * 44cm * 45cm / 20.47inch * 17.32inch * 17.72inch
Loading Container 20GP: 259 cartons * 2 pcs = 518 pcs
40HQ: 601 cartons * 2 pcs = 1202 pcs

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