[UK Warehouse] Tempered Glass TV Stand Table Unit Curved Glass Table Televisions for 32-45 inch Plasma/LCD/LED/3D Black (100cm)



1. Modern TV Stand: This black glass TV stand is suitable for the TVs from 32 to 45 inch, size: 100 x 40 x 50 cm, 50mm chrome metal legs. NOTE: Please measure the distance between your TV feet before purchasing.
2. TV Stand with Shelf: Each shelf is made of black safety tempered glass and shiny stainless steel legs for maximum strength and security, thickness of glass 8/5/5mm. Max load capacity 50/15/15 kg for each shelf.
3. Storage Space: This TV furniture stand has 3 shelves storage for your essential A/V components, cable box, DVD player or other audio equipment. Built in Cable Management Included.
4. Corner Glass TV Stand: The angular tempered glass shelves design is perfect for a corner or against a wall, saving space for your room.
5. Simple Assembly: Easy and quick assembly, no tools required, finish assembly in 15 minutes.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 20.35kgs / 44.86lb
Qty per Carton 1
Carton Weight 21.65kgs / 47.73lb
Carton Size 123cm * 53cm * 15cm / 48.43inch * 20.87inch * 5.91inch
Loading Container 20GP: 272 cartons * 1 pcs = 272 pcs
40HQ: 633 cartons * 1 pcs = 633 pcs

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