Eachrig BMPCC 4K Misplaced Board for DJI Ronin S stabilizer



1. BMPCC 4K camera is dedicated for DJI Ronin S stabilizer misalignment board
2. Offset version design, more compact camera.
3 Lightweight hollow design, the bottom dovetail exactly matches the Ronin-S gimbal.
4. There is a precise scale next to it to mark the position of the camera.
5. There is a spare M4 threaded hole on the front, which can be easily connected with ens holder or other camera accessories.

Compatible with
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.11kgs / 0.25lb
Qty per Carton 262
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 86cm * 54cm * 19cm / 33.86inch * 21.26inch * 7.48inch
Loading Container 20GP: 302 cartons * 262 pcs = 79124 pcs
40HQ: 701 cartons * 262 pcs = 183662 pcs

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