Apple AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case



Apple AirPods Pro Description

With the Apple AirPods Pro,

your favorite tunes will no longer interrupted by a noisy environment,

because the new AirPods are equipped with active noise canceling.

As a result, irritating ambient noise is filtered out.

Do you want to pay attention to the traffic while running?

You can turn off noise suppression via the pressure-sensitive sensor on the AirPods Pro.

The new design is oval and has rubber in-ear earbuds.

These rubber, dome-shaped tips come in 3 sizes and adjust to your ears.

This way, the ear tips will stay in place and your ear canal is closed off.

Is the battery of your AirPods Pro running low?

Put them back in the wireless charging case for 5 minutes and you can continue to listen to music for one hour.

Shipping Weight: 0.24kg

Technical Details

Material: Plastic

Water resistance: Splash proof

IP certification: IPX4

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Bluetooth profiles: Standard Audio (A2DP), Remote control (AVRCP), Hands-Free Profile (HFP), Headset

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